About Galveston Bay Action Network (GBAN)


Through the Galveston Bay Action Network (GBAN), citizens are able to report any type of pollution they see in seconds using their desktop or mobile device.

What is the Galveston Bay Action Network?

The Galveston Bay Action Network (GBAN) is an interactive tool for submitting and viewing pollution across the four counties that touch Galveston Bay (Brazoria, Chambers, Galveston, and Harris). It is designed to act as a bridge between citizens who report pollution and authorities who respond to pollution reports. GBAN pollution reports are sent directly to the appropriate authorities, thereby removing all the hassle of researching where to send your concerns!

You can make a difference! Be the eyes on your Bay!

Who is the Galveston Bay Foundation?

The mission of the Galveston Bay Foundation (GBF) is to preserve, protect, and enhance the natural resources of the Galveston Bay estuarine system and its tributaries for present users and for posterity. Its programs in advocacy, conservation, education, and research strive to ensure that Galveston Bay remains a beautiful and productive place for generations to come. The Foundation’s strength comes from its ability to unite all stakeholders with interests in the Bay to to address issues and concerns related to Galveston Bay.

Visit www.galvbay.org to learn more.